Interesting proposal for simplification to get out of debt trap

If the proposals submitted to the Minister of Justice go through in the future, it may become easier for those people who have been in major debt problems to get help from this.

Examples of proposals in this investigation


Are that the application for debt restructuring should be simplified. Since the tough demands that are now being placed on a person who is to be accepted for debt restructuring should be let go a little and that instead the care should be taken to the individual who is applying.

It is also proposed that those who have children should be able to receive two payment-free months per year. This is meant to be able to afford to buy some presents for the children at Christmas and then can afford something a little fun in the summer.

Simplifying the application must, for example, be implemented as it should no longer be the applicant who is responsible for reporting all debts.

Something that is not always that simple

Something that is not always that simple

As the debt may very well have been sold on. Instead, it is the creditors who have that responsibility. The exception to this is private debts to relatives and friends.

Furthermore, an exception is proposed for debts to small businesses. An example of this is if you have had the car repaired at a small garage then it is you who is responsible for reporting this debt.

Any changes that can help people with large debts must be seen as positive. As long as you don’t get into the problems at will, I think you should have the opportunity to get out of them in a good way. Should not get sabbed for any future immediately if you made a mistake or had bad luck. So it is only to be hoped that something good will come of this.

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