Loan payment

Council asked to defer another £ 1million loan payment from Brighton’s i360 attraction, bringing the missed total to over £ 6million

The i360 on Brighton seafront reopened on May 17th This would bring the total amount missed over the past three years to over £ 6million. Later this week, senior members of Brighton and Hove city councils are asked to agree to defer payment on the loan – of more than £ 1.1million – which is […]

Business loan

SBI unveils commercial loan for the healthcare sector

The State Bank of India (SBI) announced the Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan under which the entire healthcare ecosystem, such as hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathology labs , medical devices, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, importers and logistics companies engaged in critical health care procurement can benefit from loans of up to 100 crore repayable over 10 […]

Loan payment

Warren, Schumer ask Biden to extend freeze on student loan repayments

Chris Hogan, Dave Ramsey on Private Student Loans Dozens of Capitol Hill Democrats are calling on President Biden to extend the federal moratorium on student loan payments by at least six months as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. In a wednesday letter Addressed to Biden, 64 lawmakers urged him to […]