Business loan

ANZ Business Loan under the SME Recovery Loan Program

Is my company eligible for the SME Recovery Scheme?

In general, small and medium-sized businesses and individual businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic will be eligible for this loan, even if they have accessed phases 1 and 2 of the SME Recovery Scheme. New and existing ANZ customers are eligible.

More specifically, the criteria for your company to access this device are:

  • An annual turnover of less than $ 250 million.
  • An ABN valid and negotiated for more than 12 months.
  • Based and registered in Australia.

From October 1, 2021, the requirement to have previously accessed JobKeeper payments no longer applies.

What can I spend this money on?

  • Refinancing of existing loans
  • The purchase of new assets for your business, such as equipment, furniture or vehicles
  • Acquire working capital
  • Rent or buy commercial property
  • Acquisition of another business
  • Buying a residential property
  • Buy financial products, for example insurance or investments
  • Lend to a related entity
  • Rent assets at more than half of their effective lifespan

What do we mean by residential property?

Commercial residential properties such as hotels and motels are not included in residential properties and are eligible for this loan. If in doubt, contact ANZ directly to discuss your situation.

Key Features of ANZ Business Loan Under SME Recovery Loan Program

  • No approval or administration fees.
  • A low variable interest rate.
  • Possibility of deferring payments for up to 12 months. Note that interest accrues over this period.
  • You can discuss special rates with ANZ on its vehicle and equipment financing.
  • The possibility of choosing between a partially or fully secured loan.

How to register

To ensure that you meet the criteria and that the loan meets your needs, you will need to contact ANZ directly by clicking “Inquire Now” at the top of this page. After that, a specialized investment banker will contact