Loan payment

Building in dispute because the owner has not repaid his mortgage

The tilting building of the NGO Colony in the Kamalanagar region at Mahalakshmi Layout, which the BBMP subsequently demolished, is the subject of a dispute because its owner has not repaid his bank loan.

Basaveshwaranagar police said the building was owned by a woman named Rajeshwari, who used a bank loan to build the house.

“Due to the non-payment of the loan, the bank has repeatedly notified residents to vacate the building and confiscate the property,” a police official said.

Six families occupied the three-story building, while three other families lived in the neighboring two-story building. The tenants of the building had refused to move, demanding reimbursement of their advance by Rajeshwari.

Excise Minister Gopalaiah said if the woman had returned the money, the residents would have moved. “We will look into the problem later as our priority now is to level the inclined structure safely,” he said.

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The tenants decided not to leave for fear of permanently losing their advance or the lease money. “Knowing that the building was going to collapse, we forcibly evicted the residents,” said a senior police official.

Police did not register a complaint or case against the owner of the house, saying the building collapse was triggered by a natural disaster.

Rajeshwari has been on the run for the past six months after the bank notified him of the unpaid loan, the officer said.

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