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Business Loan Calculator: Interest and Payments

A business loan calculator can help you determine the monthly payments and total interest charges for a small business loan. To use the calculator, enter your:

The calculator will also show you business loan options based on your credit score.

Business Loan Calculator

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Understanding Your Business Loan Calculator Results

Monthly payment: This is the fixed amount that you will repay each month. It includes principal, interest and fees.

Total payments: This is the sum of all payments to be made on the loan, which includes the amount you borrowed plus interest and fees.

Total interest paid: The total interest paid represents what the lender charges you for the loan. If you pay off the loan early, you may be able to save on interest.

APR: This number represents the actual annual cost of the loan and makes it easier to compare apples to apples between products. Some lenders don’t provide an APR and instead give a general interest rate that doesn’t include any fees. The APR for business loans depends on your credit score and your business finances, including annual revenue and time spent in business.

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