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Carteret Community College Partners with Nonprofit Small Business Loan Program | New

CITY OF PLUS-HEAD – The Carteret Community College Small Business Center has established a micro-loan program in conjunction with the First Rung Foundation to provide seed capital to entrepreneurs starting new businesses in Carteret County.

Low-interest loans of up to $ 10,000 are available for business-related costs, such as space, inventory, equipment, advertising, marketing, and technology.

Walt Sliva and Laura Benson created the First Rung Foundation, a non-profit organization, to make the county more attractive to young entrepreneurs and new business owners.

“We know that access to capital is essential in the early stages of a start-up. We want to empower members of our community to turn their passions into lasting profits by building a business here, not only with funding, but also with education, coaching and ongoing support, ”said Ms. Benson. “Tying First Rung’s micro-loans to the expertise and resources of the college was the perfect collaboration to develop the local small business economy. “

To qualify for a loan, borrowers must complete the CCC Small Business Academy Basic and Money Management Course, meet with the Director of the Small Business Center for business advice, and complete or update. a business plan.

The academy’s course helps business owners complete a business plan, marketing strategy, pricing structure, and basic bookkeeping and bookkeeping practices.

Those interested in learning more can call 252-222-6123 or visit [email protected]

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