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National Debt Advisors – We do all the negotiations

Not only is your debt management advisor able to secure reduced payments, reduced interest rates, extended payment terms and provide legal protection for your assets, but they also manage all negotiations with your creditors.

As part of the service provided by National Debt Counselors, the team of Certified Debt Counselors mediate between you and your credit providers, relieving you of the stress and hassle of finding a solution to over-indebtedness. .

Negotiations are conducted by your debt counselors and your creditors are no longer able to make threatening phone calls or send you harassing legal letters. If this situation occurs during the debt review process, you just need to refer them to your debt advisors because you no longer have to deal directly with your credit providers.

Allowing your debt counselors to handle these negotiations translates to a better outcome for you, as these industry professionals are in an excellent position to establish a more beneficial and workable repayment plan between you and your credit providers. As such, this team of Registered Debt Advisors diligently maintains a positive working relationship with all major credit providers and are best placed to understand the terms your credit providers are willing to accept.

With their industry expertise, combined with a working knowledge of the best options available throughout the mediation process, these debt advisers are ultimately able to achieve a better result than might be achieved by the average consumer in Africa. from South. Debt counselors first assess your financial situation and determine how much of your disposable income can be used to pay down your debt. They work closely together to make sure you still have enough funds available to pay your other monthly necessities.

Once the debt counselors have established this budget, they bring the new repayment plan to the credit organizations concerned in order to negotiate repayment terms that are both affordable for you and acceptable to your credit organizations, in a reduced monthly payment. As we have already noted, because these debt counselors understand the terms that are acceptable to major credit providers, they are usually able to obtain extended repayment terms with reduced installments and at a rate of reduced interest.

As a result of these negotiations, the consumer often ends up paying their credit providers less overall, while still being able to pay their most important monthly needs and ensure that their family stays healthy and healthy. happy.

In conclusion, the benefit of having national debt advisers to handle these negotiations is twofold: it relieves the consumer of the stress of dealing directly with harassing credit providers and results in a better and more affordable. With dedication and industry expertise, this team of leading debt consultants work diligently with consumers across South Africa to help them break free from over-indebtedness and regain financial security.

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