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Online loans take an employee’s life

In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old agricultural extension worker in K. Mounika district died Tuesday evening at Gandhi Hospital while undergoing treatment after consuming a toxic substance on Monday evening. She was reportedly pushed to take an extreme step due to harassment from an agency offering instant loans online.

According to the police, Mounika, a resident of Bharat Nagar in the city of Siddipet, took out a loan through the “Snap It” application. For personal reasons, she was unable to repay the loan and those who advanced the loan not only called her and mistreated her, but also called her a “loan defaulter” and released her photo. on social media platforms and WhatsApp groups.

Mounika’s family members have filed a complaint with One Town police demanding action be taken against those who use the “Snap It” app.

“I am Kirni Bharath, resident of Bharath Nagar. My sister Mounika working as AEO in Khata village took out a loan through Snap It App. Since she was unable to pay, a company representative called her a loan default and texted all contacts on her phone. Worried about this, my sister had committed suicide by consuming pesticides. We first took her to Siddipet Public Hospital, then transferred to Gandhi Hospital where she breathed her last. Please take action against those responsible for his death, ”family members said in a complaint to police. Police have registered a case and are investigating it.

This was not the first case of people falling victim to online loans. A few weeks ago, similar complaints were reported to Alladurg in Medak district and Patancheru in Sangareddy district, although no cases of suicide were reported.

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